Tuesday, November 16, 2010

United We Serve , Forever With Love

13 November 2010 - Leo Club Of Sam Tet had successfully organized 1st Perak Leo's Fellowship Function and our theme was "United We Serve, Forever with Love".

- Leo Vincent Liew and Leo Voon Chee Shiun invite Lion Mary into our function .
- After that , Lion Mary have done a signature at our registration counter .
- A dance related the topic " United We Serve , Forever With Love '' by our oc .

- Tai Chi performance
A special performance by our Sam Tet students . ROCK IT !

Finally we have some photograph session with oter leos and lion

On the day,we were glad our Perak Leos fully supported our fellowship function.Beside that,we also appreciated other region leos attended our fellowship function to show their support us.Roar! Stronger Than Before!

Environment Talk

2 November ( Tuesday )- Leo Club of Sam Tet organized an environment talk at our school to raise up students their knowledge and enviroment awareness to save our mother nature earth and make a difference to prevent global warming together.
The speaker is our District Enviroment Chairperson Lion Anthony.Thus,President of Lions Club of Evergreen is our guest of honour on that day.

- This talk is specially for our form 3 students after their PMR school days. They could get new knowledge bout E.M ( Good Bacteria ) .



This is the photograph with Lion Anthony from Lion Club of Evergreen Ipoh.. We hope that we will having more meaningful projects wth them again.

It is an interesting and meaningful talk to all of us and we believe that this talk encouraged students to start go green and protect our earth from global warming to have a better future for our next generation. 
ROAR!!!   Stronger Than BEFORE!

Peace Poster Contest

6 October (Sunday)-Leo Club of Sam Tet help out in the Peace Poster Contest in Ipoh Parade.
It was a joint project organized by Lions Club of Kinta,Lions Club of Ipoh Greentown,Lions Club of Ipoh City,Lions Club of Ipoh Evergreen,Lions Club of Batu Gajah,Lions Club of Ipoh Central and our sponsoring lion club,Lions Club of Ipoh Host.
By the way,our beloved DG Lion Hudson Hah was our guest of honour on that day.

Say Roar!!

Beside that,there was 84 paricipants took part in this Peace Poster Contenst competition and it brokes last year recorded!!! ROAR!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Region4 Joint Projects at Day Break Centre

On the 25 September 2010, total of 11 Leos included BOD and members from Leo Club of Sam Tet had attended the Region4 Joint Projects with Poi Lam High School at Day Break Centre .

On that day, we sell plant to visitors. we try our best to sell out the plants.

Another games is prepared for another stall , and there was a ' starwars ' presence in our photograph session.

Aim and Throw. Come our stall to check out your ability!

'mr starwars' is the most famous guys on that day. Say cheeeess!

We are enjoy during the projects. The main point is we enabled to help out at day break to find some funds for them with Leo Club of Poi Lam High School. We serve our best ! Stronger than Before!

Heart to Heart

In a memorable day, 8 september 2010, our club have organised a project with the title "1 Day-Children’s Camp – Heart To Heart'' for the children from 3 Orphanages & 1 Home from single family in Ipoh.This project held at Elim Gospel hall .These children deserve our love & care. So, we tend to Make a Difference to motivate these children, make their determination toward life Stronger Than Before.

This project start with some warm up by teacher . After that, they distributed to few groups. Each group carried by two teacher . There are many meaningful programs for them. As an example, dressing with newspaper , talk , experiment and games .

                                           - warm up by teacher.

                                           - dressing decorative with newspaper.

                                                 -experiment by teacher wee sin.

                                           -excited games prepared for them.

                                           -dancing session by our Leo members . SHAKE SHAKE!

                                                        -souvenir to orphanages .

Lastly, there was a photography session for us with orphanages, lions, and all the visitors . We hope that the orphanages will happy always and learn many things from this projects.

Once again , sincere THANKS to all the children , lions, parents that attending this projects. WE ARE STRONGER THAN BEFORE! ROAR!

Saturday, September 4, 2010


In a very memorable morning of 4 September 2010, our club organized the Farewell Celebration for the outgoing board of directors fiscal year 09/10. This is a great effort by the Organizing Chairperson, Leo Jeffrey Cheah and the organizing committees (form3) to appreciate the contribution of outgoing BODs in club. 13 outgoing BODs and many members (50 Leos) had supported this celebration.

The farewell was started with the National Anthem, Lion Spirit and Leo Pledge led by the Leo President Vincent Liew. Next is the address by the Faculty Advisor, Mr Henry Soon and Immediate Past President, Leo Daniel Kok. In speech of our faculty advisor, he expressed his sincere gratitude to all the outgoing BODs for their hard work and support in every project and activities. He hope that everyone will take them as the role model so that we all can do better and lead the club to a greater height. In speech of IPP Leo Daniel Kok, he said that teamwork and unity are very important to the road of success. Because of these, our club had a chance to win numerous awards during Leo Forum this year such as Outstanding Club, Outstanding President, Top Vice President, Outstanding Secretary & Treasurer, Top Directors, Top Member, Top Project and much more. The speech of our club president also stated that we all would stand here or have the achievement today without the involvement of outgoing BODs in club.

Leo Pledge
Address by Faculty Advisor, Mr Henry Soon
Address by IPP Leo Daniel Kok

After the opening ceremony, we had a interesting programme to kick start the farewell. There was a singing performance with the song "We Are The World". This song implied a big and special meaning as it is the spirit of all the leos in Leo Club of Sam Tet. Here we are going to share some lyrics in the song and hope you can understand it well ..............

There comes to a time
When we heed a certain call
When the world must come together as one
There are people dying
And it's time to lend a hand to life
The greatest gift of all
We can't go on
Pretending day by day
that someone, somehow will soon make a change
We are all a part of
God's great big family
And the truth, you know love is all we need
We are the world
We are the children
We are the ones who make a brighter day
So let's start giving
There's a choice we're making
We're saving our own lives
It's true we'll make a better day
Just you and me.

The next programme is the games session. This was very encouraging to foster a better ties among each other. We all played happily and our bodies also became dirty too (you can see the photo below). Games, games, games, it was totally fun as all of us just joined without the feeling of shy.

Gambateh !!! show our spirit of outgoing !!!
Oopss...is that Leo Tom Chong crying??? Hahaha..Just joking la..He was playing the game until so happy..

 This is called the 'respect' for the outgoing BODs. Be careful to all the BODs this year!!! HAHAHA

After that, the delicious caterer was waiting for us. All of us chat with each other to share some experiences in the lunch time. The outgoing BODs also thanked Mr Henry Soon for his support and guidance in making the club such systematic.

After around 3 hours, the farewell had came to an end. Souvenir Presentation hope all the outgoing BODs can always remember the moment serving in the club. Once a Leo, Always a Lion, their spirit will not end here and they feel glad that they had a happy moment in club.

Once again, sincere THANKS to all the Outgoing Board of Directors fiscal year 2009/2010.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

HAPPY 40TH ANNIVERSARY of District 308B2


40 Years in Service of District 308B2 has made Leo Club of Sam Tet stronger, stronger and stronger. SamTet Roar, SamTet Roar, SamTet roar roar roarrr !!!

Rough and narrow life may sometimes be
I went through your path I proudly pass
The storms of life had honed both you and me
A wealth of knowledge you helped me amass

Strong, undaunted I'll always will be
I'm brave and stay unyielded
There's no one but myself to carry on
To heal the world... I'll always tell myself...

I pledge of my hands extended and open to help those in need
I pledge of my heart reach for it and it will be touched
I pledge of my ears to hear another's outcry
My eyes to see the plight of others
My knowledge to bring a man closer to his dreams
I pledge of myself for the betterment of my community
and my country.

There will be times when I am feeling down
There will be troubles that we know will come
I will be here to face it all.

( From "I Pledge" )


Monday, August 30, 2010


Dear Outgoing Board of Directors fiscal year 2009/2010,

The Farewell Celebration for outgoing board of directors 09/10 is coming soon on this saturday. This event is organized annually to celebrate and appreciate the services and contribution of Outgoing BODs to the club throughout the years serving in Leo Club of Sam Tet. It is our pleasure to invite all the outgoing B.O.D. to attend this farewell as we prepared a lot of interesting games and programmes for you all. Without you all, this farewell would not be a success and our club definitely would not have the achievement today. With the effort by the outgoing BODs, our club had a chance to win numerous awards such as Outstanding Club, Top Directors and Top Project during Leo Forum on June. Leo Daniel Kok, Leo Chea Kiat Heong, Leo Tom Chong, Leo Henry Lam, Leo Teh Ren Chet, Leo Lai Tay Loong, Leo Law Zhen Theng, Leo Boo Jun H ong, Leo Fan Sui Wan, Leo Joeger Wong, Leo Ho Yik Hong, Leo Pou Jun Siang & Leo Tan Chin Guan, we really miss you all a lot and hope to see you on this Saturday.

The details of the farewell is as follow :

Date : 4/9/2010 (Saturday)
Time : 930am-1230pm
Venue : 3C1-3C3 classroom

Please be noted that the attendance of all members are compulsory. We will show our support to our beloved outgoing and have a happy celebration on that day. See you guys on this Saturday and let's PARTY !!!


31st Perak Leo Clubs Joint Installation

After a few months of planning and hardwork, all the Leo Clubs Region 4 & 5 successfully organized the 31st Perak Leo Clubs Joint Installation. On the beginning of April, 13 incoming board of directors had been elected to lead the club for fiscal year 2010/2011. But so fast now, they all were installed as the official Board of Directors fiscal year 10/11 in the event of Joint Installation.

On 22 August 2010, 31st Joint Installation were held at the Tower Regency Hotel. The event kicked start at 11am sharp. We were very honour to have the District Governor Hudson Hah as the special guest for this event. As one of the organizing clubs, we fully supported this event by having the attendance of 20 of our club leos. Besides, this was also our pleasure to have our sponsoring Lions Club president, Lion Kannasen as well as School Faculty Advisor, Mr Henry Soon to attend too.

There were several interesting programmes such as the multimedia presentation, the performance by Region 4 Leo Idol Champion Queenie Ooi and so on. The most important part of the event was the installation ceremony that conducted by District Chairperson Alan Thoo.

Here are the following Board of Directors fiscal year 10/11 that had been installed :
President : Leo Vincent Liew
Vice President : Leo Mah Chee Kuan
Secretary : Leo Cambry Ng
Assistant Secretary : Leo Lim Jun Wei
Treasurer : Leo Voon Chee Shiun
Environmental Chairperson : Leo Soh Wei Quan
Membership Chairperson : Leo Teoh Wee Sin
Social Service Chairperson : Leo Hah Xian Kai
Health Care Chairperson : Leo Low Jun Jie
Fund Raising Chairperson : Leo Wong Zhen Dong
Public Relationship Chairperson : Leo Jeffrey Cheah
IT and Educational Chairperson : Leo Seah Kah Seng
School Service Chairperson : Leo Law Zhen Wei

 Installation Ceremony
12 Organizing Leo Clubs

President Leo Vincent Liew

The Joint Installation was very encouraging for us to foster better ties among each other. Unity is very important for us as it is the main key to the road of success. The friendship we have are valuable and help us to go through our journey easily.

 Leo Club of Subang Utama, thanks for your coming and support. We love you all. ROARRR!!!!

Photo with Leo Club of Yuk Choy and RCC Lion Mary Goh

Family Photo with District President Leo Eliza Chia (One club is same as one family)

Photo with Cabinet Officer Leo Foong Chee Keat and SIS Leo

To make this event a success, the preparation is not easy as the teamwork and manpower play a important role. There are also FOUR important people who HELP and GUIDE us a lot. Ladies and Gentlemen, let's us welcome and salute them .................................

REGION 4 & 5 风云人物
DC Alan Thoo  &  RCC Region 4 Mary Goh  &  RCC Region 5 Marcus Loh

THANKS YOU ALL !!!!!!!!!!!

Finally it came to the end and we would not forget this memorable event forever. Region 4, let's us STRONGER THAN BEFORE and SHINE BRIGHTLY.  Strong and motivate we always be, we brave and stay forward.